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The information covers a detailed explanation of how the site works, safety tips, success stories and how you use the search function to find and view members who may be compatible.

RSVP provides a wealth of information even before you start creating your profile.

No other specs for RSVP are retained with discontinuance of usage in a website or app a common practice in modern development.

Website or App: Website and App No links below indicates a lack of an available Login to RSVP in our records when your request was processed.

RSVP of the first online dating companies to have Aussie’s whispering in the corner, discussing where they found their latest date.

RSVP were ahead of the pack by being the first online dating company to offer members the ability to send a virtual kiss to each other as an introduction.- they are displays a wealth of information even before you start creating your profile.

No registration fee, unlimited guestlist and no personal information is required to Register.

Please feel free to register and familiarise yourselves with the site.

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