Reentering the dating scene

Seems that I’d forgotten that this was the Monday we were scheduled for our monthly water treatment delivery.

There was a DUI, cruel pap photos, a stay at a psychiatric ward, a lawsuit against her mother, and a near total fade from the limelight.It was a Monday morning and Dave had just returned from dropping off our eleven year old at the bus stop.I was sitting at the desk facing the door and was clad in my robe only.It doesn’t matter; you are a walking, talking can opener and it’s time to get your bipedal ass out of bed and use those thumbs the way your god intended.Of course, the difference is that babies don’t better; they literally don’t have the intellectual development to discern how to express their needs or how to prioritize their gratification versus the imposition it places on others. A grown-ass adult, on the other hand, doesn’t have this excuse.