Perfect match dating show

For those of you who aren’t familiar, is your standard MTV reality show in the way that it packs an array of attractive 20-something-year-olds into a house where they proceed to party, hook up and form relationships.

The latter, however, is the sole goal of this show’s participants, for according to personality and matchmaking tests, there’s another housemember who is a “perfect match” for everyone on the show.

Family is important for Tim and he's keen to find a lady who feels the same way.

But this time around, the ladies aren't the only ones under pressure.

One could argue that television audiences don't want to watch something "real" people, especially when it comes to "reality television." But then, that doesn't explain (门当户对), China's popular and long-running dating show that embraces reality, even if that reality is the inherent awkwardness of Chinese society.

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Pennsauken native Kam Williams is one of 22 contestants looking for love – and a cash prize to go along with it – in season five of MTV’s “Are You the One?

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Check out our latest interview with host Ryan Devlin, where he takes us behind the scenes and dishes on the season four finale. Set in the tropical paradise of Thailand, the final two Bachelorettes have their last chance to prove to Tim they are the right girl. Tim is only one week away from making the big decision. It's the moment we've all been waiting for: Tim makes his final decision.Not willing to "lose face" but also wanting to find a romantic life partner, is a blunt look at how Chinese people deal with everyday contradictions.With a tone that veers wildly between schmaltz and embarrassment, Chinese TV shows simply don't come as close to real life as this one.