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And I didn’t want to introduce the vlog, obviously, ’cause that’s a really big deal to me.I didn’t want to introduce you guys to someone that was temporary.” “I was looking out for the both of us, as well as you guys,” he adds.I'm so happy and can't wait to experience this amazing journey!A post shared by LUCKY BLUE SMITH (@luckybsmith) on He captioned the sweet pic: "Hey guys I just wanted to let you in on an important part of my personal life.

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Well, they have already indicated the possibility of dating in the future, let's hope we will get to see them as boyfriend and girlfriend.All of the Monarch price guns in the whole 1130 series use these same basic steps to load the price labels and start printing.The Monarch 1136 price gun is sold with different options that allow users to print a large variety of information including pricing, date and time coding, and product identification numbers and letters.The assumption of her affair with Juanpa appears to be false as well.Till date, there is no information about Lele’s boyfriend.