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Portland transportation spokesman Dylan Rivera said Thursday drivers who parked legally in city meter districts have until 8 a.m.

Friday to remove their vehicles, other wise they will receive parking tickets.

-- Emergency officials announced Thursday morning that some of the vehicles abandoned during Wednesday's nightmare commute were being towed, starting at about 8 a.m.

Vehicles abandoned on state highways and those blocking streets in Portland were being towed first, according to the Bureau of Emergency Communications.

They found information about a prior incident, and from there, conducted their investigation." Court records show a Portland police detective received information that Rhodes met a 17-year-old male through a dating phone app in 2015, and the two had sex on multiple occasions.

The probable cause affidavit shows the detective interviewed Rhodes on Wednesday and Saturday.

Micah Rhodes, 23, faces four felony accusations of second-degree sex abuse.In Oregon, a person commits the crime of prostitution by engaging in (or offering or agreeing to engage in) sexual conduct, including fondling, in exchange for a fee.Oregon’s law against prostitution applies only to people who sell sex.The largest city in the state of Oregon, Portland's residents are proud of their city nearly to a fault, which continues to draw people due to its scenic beauty, great outdoors environment, excellent microbreweries, and eco-friendly urban planning policies, as well as a reputation for colorful characters and a proudly liberal outlook, with an attitude to match.Under Oregon’s laws, it is a crime to buy or sell sex, make money from or facilitate prostitution, or force another person to engage in prostitution.