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Can proper interpretation of the book proceed only after these basic questions are answered? In fact, the church has been deriving spiritual benefit from Exodus for a long time without such firm knowledge (25).Dating an event that happened thousands of years ago can be one of the most difficult tasks any modern historian or Bible scholars can do.In his Schweich Lectures for 1948, From literature from the 19th century to 1948 was covered by the excellent English bibliographer H. Two of the contributors to this conference, Dever and Weinstein, attacked the editor of for his date of the destruction of Jericho to the Biblical time of Joshua, even though they offered no critique of his excellent and detailed studies of the pottery of Jericho (ibid. In what century the Exodus took place will remain a point of debate for some time, even among evangelicals.

There is also a lack of archeological evidence to support the text.

This absence has provided the occasion for considerable controversy and speculation as to just who this Pharaoh was and when he ruled in Egypt. A strong picture has been made for the 19th Dynasty as the background for the Exodus in the work of K. Kitchen, to give a negative evaluation to the historicity of the Biblical account and that left him free to construct his theology unhampered by historical limitations (1962). Ernest Wright, on the other hand, held that theology must ultimately be rooted in history in his (1983).

Continue reading The Exodus Problem Three main views have been proposed: (1) that he belonged to the 18th Dynasty and ruled in the 15th century, (2) that he belonged to the 19th Dynasty and ruled in the 13th century, and (3) that there was no Exodus and thus no Pharaoh of the Exodus, but it was only a literary creation of later Israelites. Three more specialized works on the Exodus and its Egyptian background have appeared quite recently. Unfortunately, any historicity of the Exodus is buried here beneath a welter of source criticism, anthropology, and mythology.

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