Dating your zippo

That's on the extereme high end of the number scale. I've got several Zippos dating back as far as 30 years. Meaning you won't burn yousel ftoo bad if you fuck up.

Blaisdell produces first square-cornered windproof lighter with no diagonal lines on the corners.

dating your zippo-35

AFAIK, Zippos are coded with roman numerals in relation to their quality, the XIII (13) on your "Zippo" is clearly fraudulent. They are both Naptha based and evaporate quickly, burn clean and not extremely flammable.

This model is 2-7/16 inches tall, 1/4 inch taller than the now standard Zippo lighter. The Zippo have eight holes ,located on each side of the chimney and a three-barrel hinge outside of the case.

During 1934 the 1/4 inch shorter units continue to be produced with the 3 barrel hinge plates still on the outside of the case.

This trick requires a little practice but is a very impressive way to get your cigarette or candles lit.

Follow along for a step by step and learn the little tricks that make this light possible.