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Jailed Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff used to bring so much cocaine into his office it was dubbed 'The North Pole', according to court papers.Madoff would send a messenger to buy drugs 'for himself and the company' - and would also throw 'wild office parties sans spouses' with 'topless entertainers wearing only G-string underwear serving as waitresses.' The explosive allegations come in papers that also paint a clearer picture of what life is like for Madoff now he is in jail.The now 58-year-old revealed her dark past, including an addiction to cocaine, trading sex for drugs, eating disorders, abortions and learning her grandmother died of syphilis, in a 2008 tell-all memoir, In the book, the one-time golden girl of American television admitted that behind-the-scenes of the hit show she was nothing like her clean-cut character Marcia Brady, and she spiraled into cocaine addiction from the age of about 18.'I sought refuge in seemingly glamorous cocaine dens above Hollywood.He is said to share a cell with a drug dealer - and has made fast friends with a mob boss and a convicted spy.The filing, supporting a lawsuit by the Ponzi scammer's victims, is based on information provided by lawyers who interviewed the swindler in a North Carolina federal prison and some of his former employees.'Rather than spending time on private planes or his yachts, Madoff 'now shares a cell with a 21-year-old inmate convicted of drug crimes', the papers say.'Madoff sleeps in the lower bunk and he eats pizza cooked by an inmate convicted of child molestation.'His recreation consists of walking around the prison track at night.' As for his friends in prison, the filing says, 'he now spends time with former Colombo crime family boss Carmine Persico and Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted of spying for Israel.' It adds: 'Most of his fellow inmates are in prison for drug crimes or sex crimes, and Madoff will spend the rest of his life in prison with them.' The filing amends a proposed class-action lawsuit against Madoff-related entities by one of his victims.I thought I would find answers there, while in reality I was simply running farther from myself.From there, I spiraled downward on a path of self-destruction that cost me my career and very nearly my life,' she wrote.

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"In 2006 Madoff thought the end was near because the [U. "We know that KPMG were the auditors for the London branch and that money was used to buy yachts and Bentleys, they are supposed to look at related-party transactions.

KPMG should have noticed these as a red flag." Officials of KPMG and the Bank of New York did not immediately respond to calls from CNN Wednesday evening for comment on the lawsuit.

Beyond that, it offers a look at what the plaintiffs' attorneys say was once Madoff's multimillion-dollar empire and what is now his world in a federal prison in North Carolina.

Among the allegations in the 264-page lawsuit are that during the mid-1970s, Madoff began sending employees to buy drugs for company use.